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Incense: Crafting & Use of Magickal Scents

My first published book, Incense is an introduction to making combustible (self-burning) incense. This book teaches readers to make sticks, cones, cylinders, coils, and even moist incense (also called incense pellets or nerikoh). It offers recipes, aromatics guides, rolling and drying instructions, and even includes a troubleshooting guide for those times when you just can't figure out why your incense isn't burning the way you'd like it to.

This is a book that I'd wanted to write for some years, but like many unpublished writers I felt discouraged about the propects of getting any book published. Thanks to some sage advice from British author Chrissie Wildwood, I was encouraged to submit my idea to publishers. You'll never know how shocked I was when Llewellyn responded quickly to my proposal and in a matter of months the book was working its way through the publishing process. While I don't get to talk to Chrissie much these days, I will always be in her debt for giving me a solid nudge at just the right moment.


Signed copy of Incense: Crafting & Use $16.00   


Or buy an unsigned copy at Amazon:




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