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Thank you so much for dropping by. On this site you will find information about my current projects, my background, (hopefully) interesting supplemental information for all of my published books, and additional information about the research behind the books. I welcome your feedback both on my books and this site. It's the fantastic feedback on my first book that allowed me to create many sections of the books that have followed. Feedback is a gift.

On the left you will see links to other websites that might interest you. This should not be seen as a commercial endorsement. It is merely a shortcut for my readers to find information or products that I consider useful. There are many other sources of merchandise on the web that can be located through a simple search. These sites also offer valuable information. That makes them worth a visit. The first link is to my online incense discussion group, The Incense Exchange . I also have a Pagan-oriented incense group called The Magick Censer .


Is 2013 the Year of Pagan TV?

We are facing many Winter hazards as the season comes into full swing.  While you worry about keeping the driveway cleared of snow and how to get the kids to school on icy roads, try to take a moment to reflect on the beauty of this season.  As the Earth sleeps, life is stiring and growing within her.  Each Winter is the promise of a new Spring to come.  It is also a quiet time in wild places.  That makes it a perfect opportunity to spend time with Nature to reflect on the year that was and that year that is yet to come.  Quieting our minds is a difficult, yet important, skill to learn.  Nature in the Winter is a reflection of this desired state and spending time there can make it easier to still your own thoughts.  That gives you the chance to see what the Universe is trying to tell you.

Blessings to you and yours during the long nights!

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Upcoming Workshops

I will teach an incense making workshop at The Ike Box in Salem, OR, On Wednesday May 22 at 6:30 PM.  This is a fundraising event for Salem's Pagan Pride Day.  Please come out and support our sommunity!

I will teach an incense making workshop at The 1st Alternative Co-Op in Corvalls, OR, On Saturday June 1 at 1:00 PM.  



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